The Emperor’s new Clothes (and Patterns)

In my mind, Illustrator has always been and still is the neglected child of Adobe, which seems odd, given that it was one of the starting points of the company. Over the years it has accumulated so many bugs and issues and dragged along so much "legacy", it almost makes you cringe. Not only are many of the features clunky and awkward to use, but also the program’s overall stability and reliability leave a lot to desire with it’s various problems saving over network connections, losing links to placed files or being stuck in 32bit land and running out of memory with the simplest operations. Therefore every bit that improves the user experience is more than welcome (and of course makes even more of an impression – in mediocrity, it’s easy to stand out). A long standing issue has been pattern creation, be it as swatches or brushes. You know, you design something thinking it is nice only to realize that it doesn’t tile perfectly or creates those pesky hairline gaps when printing. That seems now to get a lot better and more intuitive. Given, that the demo runs on a notebook the performance seems reasonably fast and this could be fun. Also note the darker UI as also found in the new Photoshop (and no doubt all other CS6 apps)…

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