Adobe makes you unhappy!

After literally months of being stuck in CAD visualization hell (with initial steps going back almost 9 months), I actually had a bit of time to get into After Effects expression stuff again and guess what – on some level, it still sucks. The amount of workarounds required to get something functioning that any browser does with 2 lines of code and some CSS these days are quite frustrating and time consuming. Instead of just calling some functions to grab the project structure and only address specific layers you always end up writing string code and regular expressions… *argh* Anyone who ever has done this knows that regex is a bitch and prone to errors, so it’s definitely not the most pleasant way to spend your time. It would seem that using the Photoshop CS6 public Beta isn’t, either. From sluggish performance to still unfixed oddities some users are not happy and it makes you wonder what they have done in those 2 years ever since CS5. Well at least I’m not the only one who’s been positively underimpressed by all this…

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