More clips, more Awesome!

While following a link to some clip from a user I accidentally noted that Vimeo have actually changed their design! Obviously they have converted most of their former Flash stuff to jQuery/ HTML 5/ CSS for reasons that even my mom could guess, but it’s a nice touch, regardless. Now all we need is Chrome to handle their player correctly and without crashing. On another end, there’s one more clip for Prometheus for WonderCon featuring some snippets we haven’t seen before. From the bits and pieces we have seen so far, a preliminary plot analysis seems to confirm the following points:

  • Someone gets facehugged, presumably that lady with the fake Scottish accent (Noomi Rapace)
  • Michael Fassbender (?)‘s hairdo looks so gay (before someone gets crazy over this: it’s okay when gay guys say something looks gay :-P), he must be the evil android, but apparently gets his due somewhere along the way by Charlize Theron
  • That guy with the many tattoos goes crackers somewhere along the way and it would appear that since he’s a space commando/ mercenary, he’s trying to kill everyone to prevent some greater evil
  • Someone mutates into an alien species and occupies the seat on the mucho big gun (or is it some high-tech telescope?)
  • The alien ship launches and is again brought down by the lander crashing into it
  • They’re all there because of some misinterpretation of some ancient cave drawings/ hieroglyphs
  • They’re all gonna die but one

All in all a pretty conventional plot, but it just looks so amazing! Then again, of course, all this could happen in the first 45 minutes and the real good parts take up the rest of the 2 and a half hour (I really hope the movie takes its time to explore and explain things, not end up like a chopped together music vid). Oh, I think I peed my pants from the excitement…

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