Spice up your HDR!

I must admit that when it comes to photography I’m living somewhat in the dark ages. until recently I only had a 7 year old 3.8 megapixels camera and when it finally gave up, I just couldn’t find it in my heart to spend a lot of money on a fancy DSLR and settled on a 200 Euros snapshot cam. Not that I wouldn’t be amazed what some of my friends and colleagues do with their beasts, it’s just that once you commit yourself to this hobby, it never seems to stop and you end up buying new expensive lenses and other equipment quite regularly and spend a lot of time actually managing and processing your thousands of photos. Nothing I see myself doing. Still, the world of HDR processing is of course not foreign to me and while 3D rendered imagery may not need complex tonemapping algorithms to make things visible to the human eye that a RAW sensor may have captured, it’s always good to have options that go beyond the normal exposure, levels and curve adjustments. Stefan Minning tried that once with his Atlas plug-in and now with GingerHDR there’s another option. The name is quite fitting, too. On that note, isn’t it that they call red haired people gingers in some places of the world? They probably sure do in Ireland as there are over proportionally many of those people there and Pixar‘s latest, Brave, even takes a play at that. The accent takes some getting used to and the initial teasers made it look a bit clicheéd, but after seeing an extended (Japanese) trailer recently, I’m now more inclined to consider it a good effort on their part. I just love movies like Spirited Away and if the movie is more about fantasy than drinking and belching clan chiefs, I’m all for it. I wonder what they wear under those skirts, though… ;-)

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