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Sunday Movie Awesome

Just before I wanted to start writing my German review for the Up 3D BluRay, I made my usual rounds on my favorite movie sites and yes, there it was – the latest trailer for Prometheus. Simply mindblowing! It’s just extremely unfortunate that it took Ridley Scott so long to return to the Sci-Fi genre. Imagine how many more of these great movies could be out there. Quite a different kettle of fish is Dark Shadows. I’ve long been a great fan of both Tim Burton‘s movies and Johnny Depp‘s acting and when both come together, almost always something extremely unique comes of it and mostly good. Alice in Wonderland may not have been that (haven’t seen it yet), if some people’s complaints are any indication, but this new collaboration looks like it might have them back in their prime. That “You may strategically place your wonderful lips upon my posterior and kiss it repeatedly.” alone is bound to become a classic. Speaking of classics, The Hunger Games could possibly become one, too. The first reviews so far are good and I’m almost on the verge of going to see it when it comes out next week. I even bought the book when buzz about the production started, but since it’s told from Katniss‘ perspective I couldn’t quite bond with it and stopped reading it after only a few pages. You know being without boobs myself I couldn’t quite into my feminine side as might have been required… ;-) Oddly, many of these American bestsellers and classics are not that widely known in these parts due to not having publishers or barely being promoted, a fate also shared by A Song of Fire of Ice, Cloud Atlas and Dr. Seuss books, so stumbling upon them or the series derived of them like the great Game of Thrones is often a case of mere chance.


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  1. We are looking forward to seeing The Hunger Games. We’ve actually been to several of the locations where they filmed. http://schwingeninswitzerland.wordpress.com/2012/03/18/the-hunger-games-filming-locations-in-north-carolina/

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