CS.next, Marketing.lame

You know, there was a time when you could distinctly tell when a new version of a software came out – there were nice print ads everywhere, companies were actually showing something worthwile on tradeshows, you could pick up nice information brochures and so on. Now of course some of that has long been surpassed by that thing people call the Internet, but despite the channels changing, one would assume companies still have a marketing plan. Apparently many of them don’t and for the first time in all these years I feel Adobe has joined the ranks of those companies. I really don’t know what runs through their minds when posting so-called sneak peeks for Photoshop, the latest one proposing to use it for (DSLR) video just being plain ugly (graphics and models, that is) or plugging militaristic movies to illustrate the use of their products or new features. Today yet another such ill-conceived variation on the theme was added by posting a video allegedly using the next version of Premiere Pro and claiming to be funny. Just too bad it isn’t?! *argh* Can’t we just have some good old list of up and coming features and be done with it instead of having to sit through this kind of nonsense? And the web having a memory, this is gonna stick with them like dog poo on a shoe for years to come. Talk about the dangers of social media marketing blathering! What also irks me is that they are still acting as if this was just a tech demo and the actual products months away. Just deceivingly calling it .next doesn’t make people think any less that this is actually CS6 and that it wil lbe released some time in May or June perhaps…

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