Time Master(s)

Childhood memories are a treacherous thing somehow. You always remember a lot of very specific details, but many times not the bigger context. One such confusing memory is Time Masters. I have quite clear visions of the little boy on the planet being attacked and in turn the revelation being that an old chubby guy with a grey beard and a metal plate on his head on some spaceship trying to rescue the boy being that same kid just back in time, but I very much had no clue about the rest of the film. I even remember seeing this on Western TV on a Sunday morning at a time when we still were part of the Eastern block. Pretty weird to say the least. Now thew man behind that odd little movie has passed away. Möbius (or Giraud, depending on which you prefer) died at the age of 73 yesterday. Not only was he one of the most influential comic artists, but also worked as a production designer on several films. I was vaguely aware of his relation to Tron and The fifth Element, but as it turns out he even worked on Alien. One more testament to how little we notice these people even on the greatest of films…

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