Ralph Mc… Who?

Though I consider myself reasonably knowledgable in films, just like most people I mostly only remember directors, actors and occasionalyl the score composers, yet naturalyl, there is more than those few working on even the smallest of films. There’s always some audio guys, the editor, effects guys, make-up artists, costume designers, set decorators and so on. One of the most underappreciated jobs is no doubt that of the production designers and concept artists and while occasionally some of them leave an impression like H.R.Giger with Alien or Sid Mead with his contributions to Blade Runner and other films, most of them go unnoticed. …which is weird, actually, given how some of those people conceptualized stuff in the 1970s and 80s we take granted today or influenced the real world. And when they didn’t, at least they made some movies iconic by defining their visual style. One such guy is Ralph McQuarrie who did a lot of design work on the Star Wars films and a few other of Lucasfilms productions. He passed away at the age of 82. I honestly had no clue about his importance. Star Wars is not necessarily my primary science fiction playground and when I think of those films, I more think of John Knoll, Ben Burtt or John Williams. Perfect example of the aforementioned ignorance and slightly puzzling, given the coolness of Death Stars,AT-AT walkers and Tie Fighters…. Speaking of the more comic-esque sci-fi variety, John Carter seems to be quite good, which makes me regret even more that I couldn’t see it for free. And while we’re focused on movie design (sort of): I dig these production photos from The Pirates!. Just watch the trailer, it’s hilarious (and also watch the one for Frankenweenie and Paranorman)! That’s gonna be some good stuff for my recently re-discovered love of claymation/ puppet stop motion.

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