CAD, tablets and some Polygons

It’s been an exciting week for new software and it’s not over yet. The most relevant (to me, anyway) thus far is the release of modo 601. I’ve been using that little program ever since version 2 and I wouldn’t wanna miss it. It makes modeling tasks so much easier and the renderer is really nice. It would be so nice to use it, if only there would be a reasonably efficient way to get your stuff from Cinema 4D to modo. Maybe we can, once Maxon also support Alembic? That would also solve the one problem I have with modo: I just can’t get used to its cluttered interface for anything to do with animation. Too many palettes with crammed lists featuring tiny icons and text and too many places to look even for some simple stuff. Perhaps they should be spending some time on straightening that out. I’ll still stick with it, despite my concerns. Now with their SDK getting more and more complete we can hope that more cool stuff like the CAD Loaders find their way to the program. As someone looking at such data every day at the moment, I sure appreciate anything that might help to streamline all this importing and cleaning up.

In slightly related news, which also makes modo 601‘s new retopology, sculpting and hair tools worth a second look, is the release of yet another ZBrush version in a short time, once more a completely free update to their existing users. It’s nothing short of amazing what they come up with with every release and even with those inbetween versions they always seem the right chord: Simply make it more better even with tiny enhancements. Oddly, it seems that Adobe have long missed this motto, leaving us with pretty obvious bugs, annoyances and inconveniences in many of their tools and are only now take the time to actualyl fix them. As far as presentations go, the sneak peeks still are not that overwhelming, but as I wrote when the first one came out, all these little things will grow on you. And what do all of these programs have in common? Yes, they can be used/ should occasionally be used with tablets, of which Wacom now releases a new generation. I still have mine from back then and using it far too rarely, but if you’re in teh market for a new toy, maybe this will be worth your money…

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