The Art of Noise (and how to remove it)

If there’s one really bad thing about the age of digital video then it’s the fact that in our strife for creating, recording and manipulating this stuff even on the most underpowered and unsuitable devices, we have made compression artifacts and all kinds of noise our constant guest. It’s like that best friend from our kindergarten days that just won’t go away and whose presence thwarts any efforts of laying that hot neighbor girl/ boy when we get a bit older… So ultimately we have to come up with ever new ways of easing the pain and from manual artifact reduction techniques to plug-ins of all kinds everyone can pick his favorite option. One of those has been Magic Bullet Denoiser, it’s just that for a while you couldn’t buy it anymore. Why? Apparently the external developer who licensed the code to Red Giant joined the ranks of "Google, please buy my shit!" (on some days I tend to think they own a tiny piece of everything by now just like Apple, Oracle and Microsoft or is there any technology left not involving patents by one of those parties?) and the took the bait. This resulted in the aforementioned conflict of interest and a lull in development and sales, but now, finally, that has been overcome. So if you have been waiting for this, head over to their site and download the demo and/or your free update. I might do that one day soon-ish, too, but for now I’m sinking my head and teeth in more visualization work. The same stuff I’ve been working on for months now and still no end in sight. It ruins my every days and weekends and I don’t even have time for that press screening of John Carter tomorrow. Not that I expect it to be anything Earth shattering (the monsters and aliens look ridiculous in the trailer in a very Star Wars sense and the acting comes of cheesy), but as George Lucas so nicely says in the Episode I making-of "A million saved is a million earned" or in this case 10 Euros…

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