A Million Nuts

As I’m sitting here sorting through a ton of CAD data, trying to make it look pretty for some 3D renders, my mind occasionally wanders when I’m hypnotically staring at my screen while waiting for Cinema 4D to do its thing. One of those odd and slightly weird moments made me realize how many meanings nuts actually has. Of course, fitting the topic, first there’s nuts (and bolts and screws and rivets) for construction. Then there’s the fruit of some plants commonly referred to as nuts, though many times botanically they aren’t nuts just like many berries aren’t berries but nuts. Are you confused yet? Third, of course nuts is also used as a colloquial term for testicles. And finally, nuts as an adjective refers to a slightly demented state. The latter I still feel must reign somewhere at Adobe as they are still plugging this certain movie. On the bright side, though, even Americans recognize it for what it is so at least the truth is where it needs to be and perhaps there’s hope that this militaristic piece will get swept under the rug pretty quickly given how most reviews lean toward dismissing it thus far. Well, enough ponderings, back to work…

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