All the President’s Movies

It’s Presidents Day in the US and quite fittingly I’m going to watch The Conspirator on DVD for a review. While the topic for me as a European is still rather elusive, at least there’s a film that probably has something to say, things being that it is a Robert Redford film. Which inevitably brings me back to my previous post. Do have movies like Act of Valor actually anything to say? I still believe not and I’m still genuinely concerned, why Adobe or others choose to affiliate themselves with a movie whose relevance at best extends to US citizens who might swallow a glorified representation of their military. Personally, I feel deeply disgusted already by the portrayal of people getting headshot in the trailer alone and the dehumanizing use of military slang is equally disconcerting. Come to think of it, some of those people villified could be Adobe‘s next customers and here they are, pissing them off. On the bright side, though, I’ll probably be lucky enough never having to endure this turd in full. So far it hasn’t even a distribution and launch date here. On that note, we are probably equally lucky that that is the same for George LucasRed Tails. The acting in that one is so cheesy and the aerial battles so Star-Wars-ified…

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