I was having a blast last evening when they showed Mary & Max on TV. How could I ever have missed that little gem of a stop motion movie? It’s one of those movies on my "must buy this DVD" list that I never got around to. It’s so hilarious yet at the same time deeply emotionally touching. My neighbours must have thought me being mad when laughing so hysterically… Speaking of everyday insanity and how illogical the world actually is, Adobe doesn’t disappoint. By now we all have of course gotten used to the lameness of the Photoshop CS6 sneak peeks and content aware move and scale makes no exception. Another thing that irked me massively is an Adobe product manager promoting/ endorsing a highly questionable movie just because it has been edited with Premiere Pro. Not that I object to military movies in general, but there is a very fine line between a good story and an extended promo clip for the US armed forces and I think that has been missed here completely.

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