Switch now! – Or maybe not…???

Here I was, ready to bring you good news on how Adobe wants to spread the love just in time for Valentine’s Day, yet some person who missed his geography lessons in school still seems to think the world consists only of the US and what they probably would like to be their 51st and 52nd states up North and deep South. Same for the other products like Photoshop. It’s no wonder people over here scream about being screwed over by paying a premium on their products and being mostly left out of such special promotions. The more interesting question of course is why they are doing it. Do I smell a hint of the initial rush towards Premiere not having been as substantial as anyone would have liked? Too many people moving back to FCP X or picking up on Avid‘s special offers? Who knows. Since we already dropped the Photoshop bomb, guess what – yes, more hints of what’s to come in CS6 that somehow still fail to impress…

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