One Moment in Time

In every gay person there’s a little drama queen, there’s no denying that. Even bears and other types that tend to over-stress their masculinity have those weak moments where they just can’t help to hum or dance to the sounds of Madonna, ABBA or Kylie. One artist that also falls into that category was at the height of her career Whitney Houston, which sadly passed away last night at the age of 48. It’s a shame that this had to happen now after she seemed to have overcome her various drug-related problems and scandals and was on the verge of starting a second, quieter career. Her songs will stay with us and maybe in remembrance I’ll put on some lipstick and dance through my kitchen singing "I’m every woman…". Speaking of gay icons – that Superbowl performance of Madonna wasn’t that good, adfter all as it turns out…

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