Triple Dot, triple Dash, triple Dot

Did I ever mention that when I was a lot younger I dabbled in radio electronics? Probably not. Not only did we make transistors melt and capacitors explode by keeping the soldering iron way too long on them while building our circuitry, but we also learned Morse code to make them beep. Of course as it was in many Eastern block countries, it had a slightly paramilitary touch as in preparing you for a future career in the armed services, but we didn’t see it that way and still had fun. That being so long ago I do not remember that much beyond the SOS and perhaps 5 other letters and phrases, though. However, and that being the news of today, I might consider rendering all those dashes and points as decorative patterns in Photoshop CS6. Well, not really. I really don’t get why Adobe are doing these rubbish videos. It only makes them look like complete morons….

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