Lucky Friday

Fridays can be good, after all. Having escaped the impending doom of urological surgery on Friday after the pre-OP examination on Thursday resulting in a cancellation, I was actually able to take advantage of some lucky coincidences. If you regularly follow this blog you can imagine how important this is to me, I was able to snatch some tickets for Cirque du Soleil‘s Immortal show right after the sale started at 9 AM. Either someone in Montreal is reading this blog or it really is a sheer case of luck that they are making a stop again in our area just as they did with Alegria. I’m not necessarily a fan of Michael Jackson and I’ve always been somewhat skeptical about the The Beatles and Viva Elvis shows as the idea of combining known and beloved classic hits with a new show feels a bit strange and I also think that original shows with the music composed to suit conceptually work better, but it will definitely still be impressive. It’s funny that this show has been in the works for so long (I seem to recall some "Coming Soon" notes having been on their website as far back as 2007 or 2008 that quickly disappeared again), but only came to fruition after the man passed away, making this no doubt appear as one more of those quick cash grab shows like there are so many… On that note I’m curious what Madonna and the Cirque have in store for their Super Bowl performance. Will YouTube be my friend?

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