Retinal Scan!

One of the more odd (in a positive way) things about my illness is that you get around a lot. You often visit cities you haven’t been to in years just to visit some specialist doctor and when you do that, you are introduced to new examinations and treatments every step of the way, gradually turning you into sort of an expert on some parts of the human body. Today I had again one such little excursion to my ophtalmologist and she scanned my eye with some high-res digital camera. If you remember Minority Report, they do it there all the time to track people and dump personalised advertising on them and of course for security authorities to chase them down (but who needs that when people carry GPS phones and are trackable already…), but this was not at all like that. Just a flash of green light and then some…. Luckily my retina so far is okay, but I guess the bad news of the day is that my intraoccular pressure is too high from the corticoids and my field of view already impaired. *yikes* Let’s hope this won’t turn into a glaucoma…

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