CS6 – and nobody gives a Shit?

Ah, Adobe, what has become of thee? Aside from never seeming to truly fix their tools, now their marketing sucks just as much. One such feeblish attempt is this so-called sneak peek at Photoshop CS6. For one, it doesn’t really tell us anything that my mom couldn’t have predicted – after buying one or two companies over the last years that specialised in RAW conversion tools, it was only a matter of time to see this worked into a new Camera RAW module. Two, the only other thing it gives us is something about UI improvements. Okay, those things may look minor, but in day to day can be more valuable than any addition of grandiose new features. Still, nothing to write home about and ultimately, which makes this a failure alltogether, is the simple fact that just by watching this official video, you get a ton of hits with screen recordings from leaked prerelease builds, most of which present much more and more interesting stuff. Of course one can’t be 100% sure which development state those videos represent so you don’t know which of these features will actually make it into the final product…

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