Never look back?

It would appear that after working on it a small eternity and having hinted at it’s existance just as long, Paul Tuersley has finally released his OpenSesame script. This will allow you to port projects created in newer versions of After Effects back to older ones, something which isn’t possible otherwise except to some degree from CS5.5 to CS5. Now I have explained several times why I don’t think any such thing is a workflow I would have much interest in and on some level it makes me still question the sanity of people even trying, but I will concede that there is a market for it and one that is possibly going to be there for a while. In light of Adobe‘s recent questionable decisions and the general uncertainty of where the journey is going I can quite vividly envision people holding on to their old CS4 and CS3 licenses for as long as there are computers able to run them. It’s the same as Windows XP just not wanting to die even after 10 years, something of which I’m currently reminded of while rebuilding one of my previous machines into a "new" computer for my mom and using her old software to provide her with a familiar environment….

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