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Retinal Scan!

One of the more odd (in a positive way) things about my illness is that you get around a lot. You often visit cities you haven’t been to in years just to visit some specialist doctor and when you do that, you are introduced to new examinations and treatments every step of the way, gradually […]

Prelude to Invasion?

As CS6 creeps nearer, inevitably we get more scraps of info on the various products (or at least products that we simply assume will be in the final package) by various routes. The latest new product to join the ring (if, like me, you don’t care for Edge and Muse and don’t count them) is […]

CS6 – and nobody gives a Shit?

Ah, Adobe, what has become of thee? Aside from never seeming to truly fix their tools, now their marketing sucks just as much. One such feeblish attempt is this so-called sneak peek at Photoshop CS6. For one, it doesn’t really tell us anything that my mom couldn’t have predicted – after buying one or two […]

Element est vivant

Or to the less French-y people: Element is alive, at least according to this post. If it only has half the features that the images hint at (blobby surfaces, a shattering engine, subsurface scattering plus the already excellent looking rendering), this might become a classic as Particular or of course Video CoPilot‘s own Optical Flares. […]

Lifted for Lift-Off

One of my dirty little secrets is that I always have had and still have a keen interest in military aviation (and scale aviation modeling) and in my downtimes at hospitals or doctors’ waiting rooms I have quite gotten back into reading pertinent literature. Thus I have been following the ongoing plight of the Joint […]

It’s good to compete, but…

…obviously not always.

70 Years

Watching the news yesterday brought something into focus that I wasn’t giving much attention to, but indeed it’s been 70 years since the Wannsee conference where the planned extermination of all Jewish life within the bounds of The Reich was sealed. Now despite being German I don’t over-obsess about our history – there are and […]