Scrap Metal?!

Being limited to 12 public TV channels on DVB-T is not necessarily always a good thing when you miss that one cool movie or show that just happens to run on a private channel. Has happened, but for the most part not constantly being exposed to all that crap intermingled with tons of ads is not so bad. It may just take a moment longer until you get to see some stuff.

Iron Man is exactly that kind of thing. I’d never spend money on this sort of movie at the cinema nor would I ever add it to my DVD/ BluRay collection, so I had to wait it out. And was it worth it? Not so much. It’s funny, when it first came out I actually liked the trailer a lot for it’s cynical undertone which reminded me of Lord of War, yet it seems like I saw all the good parts back then already. The rest of the film is just so over the top and ridiculous, it’s too much. Too much for me, anyway. Even if you give it credit for being based on a comic, it never gets grounded in reality the tiniest bit and that’s why it just doesn’t work. Other comic movies at least manage that a tiny bit which makes them more enjoyable. For what it’s worth, the whole thing is just devoid of any soul and nothing more than a dull effects and fireworks show. It’s beyond me how it ever could have been so popular and made so much money. It also reminded me how suddenly everyone did tutorials on how to recreate the fake HUD, most of which are just as bad as the movie. One of the better ones is still lingering on Andrew Kramer‘s site somewhere, though.

Because of all this awfulness it occurred to me that I did not have a category for it, so I created one and also trimmed down the rest of the lot. As a side effect this may have some posts hanging in the wrong categories, but I’ll straighten it out one of those days. A lot of what happens lately would have to go in the WTF? category, anyway, so I’m more than content to leave some posts there.

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