Christmas TV

Thank goodness someone invented the Internet! At least that way I can while away some time doing useful things like working on my own projects or once and for eternity again help users on forums with all those little annoyances in their favorite Adobe software. If I were forced to watch TV all Christmas I’d shoot myself. While those last years at least a few interesting programs ran on TV, this year the only bright spot was a re-run of the Monte Carlo Circus Festival gala. Another could have potentially been the Bolschoi Theater‘s performance of Tschaikovski‘s Sleeping Beauty, but well, dancers being dressed Baroque style and the whole performance looking rather like what it must have been already when it was first performed isn’t exactly my idea of contemporary interpretations of classical works. I guess there’s a "playing to the Tsar" message somewhere in there and if the Russians aren’t careful, they’ll have another one soon. So it wasn’t that enjoyable, after all. I also had the questionable pleasure of getting to see some of Laurel & Hardy‘s works. I really don’t get why they are considered some of the greatest comedians. To me, it was all too much "in your face" and mostly not funny at all. Trying to evade this nonsense, I watched a couple of DVDs, including a British comedy called The Infidel, which likewise, was not funny at all… In slightly related news and fitting the TV theme, you now have one pretty good option to create all those pixely grid matrix effects you have on your TV screen thanks to Satya Meka (yes, the guy who did Plexus). If you’re a little short on money after all those Christmas presents, you can still always try my expression driven setup as well or use the one that comes with your favorite plug-in suite like GenArts’ Sapphire package. And while I was on AEScripts, I also saw that someone has made a pimped version of CC Cylinder. Funny coincidence that someone asked for an unwrapping cylinder transition not too long ago on the Adobe forums and now here’s the solution….

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