Another Day, another Trailer

The pre-Christmas goodness continues with some more trailers, so let’s have a look.

First something not mentioned in my last post which I stumbled upon while watching those other trailers. When I was 8 or 9 I seriously considered becoming a ballet dancer and applying at Palucca school in Dresden and while ultimately I didn’t and pursued other interests, I still have quite an interest in at least watching such stuff even today. This includes the occasional documentary and film like the late Pina or Rhythm is it! a couple of years ago and it surely will include First Position. Odd coincidence that I just saw a similar documentary about the Youth America Grand Prix on TV a while ago.

On to more mass-compatible fare, the The Hobbit – An Unexpected Journey trailer didn’t really convince me. It would seem that either nothing is actually finished yet or they do not want to show any of the more elaborate effects work and save it for later. I’m also still not quite coming to grips with the look of the Dwarves and Hobbits. Compared to the The Lord of the Rings movies they look too much like the fairytale version of it and for a movie that’s probably gonna end up being rated for 12 years and above and will no doubt be watched by more grown-ups than kids, that seems like a wrong decision about the movie’s style. Mind you, I’m not saying that it’s bad and it’s great that those films get made at all, it’s just once more a case of where I have something completely different in my head from reading the books. A sentiment that no doubt many will share.

Finally the biggy: Prometheus. What can I say? Even "awesome" seems not powerful enough. If Alien and Blade Runner didn’t exist, that movie alone would probably build a memorial for Ridley Scott. It’s just a pity that I feel like I know half of the story already just by watching the trailer. You know, that part about the alien ship somehow ending up on the planet and all kinds of genetic experiments going on looks rather predictable. Well, I for one hope that Mr. Scott stands true to his words and the whole thing is much deeper than it looks at first sight…

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