Christmas Movie-O-Rama

While all that Christmas insanity is getting rather on my nerves, the one good thing is that this year we are presented with some rather good movies in cinemas and that we have even more to look forward in 2012. This week is gonna be particularly interesting by giving us trailers/ teasers for some of the most anticipated movies next year. So far we have snippets of Batman – The Dark Knight rises and Prometheus as well as a proper trailer for Wrath of the Titans.
The latter is looking a lot more enticing than its rather rubbish predecessor (even the original 80’s version had more heart and was, despite being rather over the top, enjoyable) and might actually be worth watching this time.

The Batman movie – well, not nearly as impressive as the previous two. In fact lately I’m beginning to side with the people who think that Christopher Nolan is slightly overrated as a director. I won’t go as far as this article, but I watched Inception again the other day and after two thirds or so I felt kinda left empty by how a great premise was ruined by sacrificing it in favor of trying to offer the viewer all too simple answers (and unnecessary action scenes). And yes, Bane‘s muffled voice is quite a problem and might hurt the movie. I mean, if native speakers can’t make sense of it, how are we poor foreigners supposed to not miss large parts of the story? This needs to be rectified!

Lastly, that Prometheus stuff is already looking awesome, even if we only got glimpses and flashes. Can’t wait for Thursday. Oh, and wait, we get a The Hobbit teaser trailer, too…!

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