Don’t mess with Harry!…

Harry Brown, that is. After this film had been catching dust for a year now on my shelf, yesterday I was finally in the mood to watch it and really enjoyed it. True, there are some considerable plot holes and true, it may be pulling the wrong stereotypes at times, but it’s still quite enjoyable. Still kids getting drunk and involved with all kinds of shady things even happens here in our small village and I wouldn’t wanna start to think what living in those neglected London suburbs can do to people, so it may not be that far off. Anyway, while it may not necessarily represent something that happens for real, seeing an old gentlemen (played by Sir Michael Caine) turning into a vigilante is fun in the sense that sometimes bad guys being just bad and needing to be taken down for the good of humankind. And you can even sympathize with him in his slightly helpless mode when he ultimately falls victim to his own good intentions by blindly running into an ambush of sorts. The latter is perhaps also the one real weakness of the whole piece – it makes him look slightly dumb and clumsy (beyond what limits old age already imposes), when the moment the shooting begins we are looking at a former special ops operative that makes every shot count. Aside from that minor niggle the movie holds up nicely and at least compared to the endless stream of B and C class crime series and movies on TV has a certain original spin. There certainly is lots of worse ways to spend an evening….

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