Awful Flares!

As if I didn’t know it…. While my initial skepticism may have been a bit premature based on some tiny pictures and animations, I’m afraid it was still all too valid. Now that I have the trial version of Boris Continuum Complete 8 sitting here in front of me, all I can say is that the preset flares are indeed complete rubbish. They look like they have been put together by someone who hasn’t studied even the tiniest bit of photographic or cinematographic reference. Of course the user can tweak the parameters, but that’s the real point: Why have presets, if they look so ugly you wouldn’t use them the way they are? And oddly, even if you were willing to adjust them, you will quickly fall victim to a big fat ugly bug: Crank up global intensity above 100% and *whoops*, suddenly the opacities of the various sub-elements can no longer be tweaked predictably – even setting their intensity to 0% will still render them. That error is even compounded once you use 3D lights because their intensity is added on top of the internal value, resulting in a complete white-out. *yikes* So for what it’s worth, Boris FX busted up on that one. If you’re looking for a flare tool then Optical Flares, Knoll Light Factory and the recently released Sapphire provide much better options, including «self-indulgent promo mode on»some nifty presets created by moi«promo mode off»….

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