The World ‘s still a-turnin’!

Catching up a bit on things I missed on this slightly decrepit Internet connection at the hospital, I find the world is very much as it was when I entered the den – everybody is still winding themselves up about Adobe‘s announcement for CS6, Stu is still obsessing over cameras many of us will never use or work on material shot with them (that is, not all of them, but possibly one of them), plug-in vendors are still trying to fix their plug-ins, Andrew is doing yet more shatter-y tutorials and users still don’t read product overviews, tech specs or even the most basic help. So I guess, everything is still the same in Adobe land, which is creepy, but also reassuring in a weird way. Speaking of creepy, try to imagine a bunch of people with lung cancer spoiling your night by coughing up their lungs or going to the toilet every half hour. Oh my, I really need some days of good sleep…

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