Awful TV

With too much time too spare inbetween medical stuff, I find myself watching TV a bit more than usual. In particular I get to watch a few channels I haven’t had at home ever since I rid myself of my cable TV subscription. Now I certainly don’t care for all those soap operas, game shows or rubbish crime series, but on occasion something piques my interest. That happened with Falling Skies, which premiered last evening. I mean Science Fiction is one of my favorites and with Steven Spielberg producing, what could go wrong? Pretty much everyhing it turns out! The series is such a mess, I don’t even know where to begin. The characters are so painfully stereotypical as are the aliens, it just hurts. The acting is bad and there are so many obviously stolen ideas and concepts from books and other series, it makes you wanna shoot someone. And naturally, we once more get credits all in Bank Gothic, which in itself is an insult. It’s really a stinker…

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