Saturday Slowness

Being hospitalised is otherwise not that bad – you can lie in bed all day, get regular meals and if you have no examinations or treatments you are pretty much free to fill your time with whatever distractions, but in the end, it’s still a bit boring. Days get awfully long despite having dragged along my old MacBook Pro to watch DVDs and toy around a little with After Effects. And this Internet terminal with its metal keyboard like on a banking machine even spoils whiling away time with posting (it has this bad habit of the e key being worn out and almost needing to be hammered hard to produce a character). Anyway, after much delay the photos from the Jean-Michel Jarre concert are up and my report on it has been for a few days already, so it may at least brighten your weekend. I’ll try to find a quiet corner to not get in the way of the wave of weekend visitors. Picking up conversations from your room mates’ wifes and relatives can be so awkward…

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