These kind of multiple "same number" dates are always strange. People go crazy to get hitched on such days only to become victims of statistics and divorce after a few years, here in Germany it’s traditionally the start of street carnival season on 11/11 at 11.11 AM and software companies who think it makes a funny marketing twist use such days to announce or release versions of their programs that match the number. So have NewTek and tell you what – the date for them is as jinxed as it is for married couples. Yepp, the new features for Lightwave Eleven look seriously underwhelming. Once more just playing catch-up with other apps, we get Bullet Physics, instances and some flocking / swarming tools, complemented by some performance and workflow enhancements. Since it is all packed onto the same old UI and surely one thing cannot be combined with others, I dare bet that this isn’t going to be half as usable as it sounds. It’s a shame, but they’ve really lost their way. Not much point in having a reasonably good renderer, when animation is left so far behind and modeling is still better done elsewhere. Today I’m even more glad I made the switch to Cinema 4D sooner than later.

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