Stupid Wednesdays

If there is a magic day in the week, it seems to be Wednesday – for most companies, anyway. I can barely keep count of the seemingly endless stream of mails inviting you to "Join us for an exclusive life webinar on…" – guess what – Wednesday. As far as I’m concerned, that, gentlemen, is pretty nonsensical. Assuming that I would be interested, how do you suppose I would be sitting down when it’s late late in the evening here in Europe (because, naturally, you always think you have only US viewers and make it convenient for them) and attend 3 online sessions at the same time? And this is even more ridiculous, as no doubt you each are mutually subscribed to your competitors’ mailing lists which possibly would make it easy to avoid such scheduling conflicts. So for what it’s worth, if you want people to attend your meetings and show them how great your products are, work it out. I’m sure even many North American citizens do not necessarily always set aside their Wednesday mornings just to watch…

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