(Ir)relevant News!?

Actually it was quite a crazy and exciting week on all accounts, it’s just that after the brilliant reverse exchange plug-in news for Cinema 4D things drifted into a direction which I usually don’t care much for. The newly announced Scarlet X and Canon C300 really serve Stu’s own variety of OCD much better. Tangentially related, there’s a new production video for The Hobbit and while it features an ass-ton of RED cameras which you and I will probably never be able to afford and use even on rental for a day, Peter Jackson offers some interesting insights into the stereo 3D production process.

Speaking of 3D of yet another kind, another blip on the radar has emerged for Video CoPilot‘s Element. In a way I’m torn on that one – because of the endless delays I sometimes think I couldn’t care less, but then again the few teaser images always look kinda interesting in a rather cruel way to keep interest just slightly above the freezing point. Still, Andrew better hurry up before someone beats him to it or people start seriously learning 3D programs. You know, even Cinema 4D already has some resonable particle stuff with the built-in basic particles, Thinking Particles and MoGraph plus of course users use RealFlow or DPIT Effex and now there’s xParticles coming soon…

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