There and back again

A long standing wish of many Cinema 4D users that do their compositing/ motion graphics with After Effects has been a method of not only exporting data from the 3D program to the compositing, but also go back from compositing to 3D. Exactly that is now possible thanks to a new plug-in from Maxon. I guess it shows that if you keep bugging people long enough, you (sometimes) get what you want at least with some companies. This no doubt has already been in the making before Autodesk recently jumped ahead, so I guess the playing field is level once again for a while. Now it will be interesting if anyone can take the lead again with some deep compositing and relighting stuff similar to Katana or Bakery Relight, which unfortunately despite being real products are out of reach for you and me and plumber Joe. Since the companies making those tools are even ashamed to put official prices on their websites, we can only assume they are so outrageously expensive, you’d not be able to afford them if you wanted them. So someone put a bit of heat in that race and come up with something we can actually cough up the pennies for!

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