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Awful Flares!

As if I didn’t know it…. While my initial skepticism may have been a bit premature based on some tiny pictures and animations, I’m afraid it was still all too valid. Now that I have the trial version of Boris Continuum Complete 8 sitting here in front of me, all I can say is that […]

The World ‘s still a-turnin’!

Catching up a bit on things I missed on this slightly decrepit Internet connection at the hospital, I find the world is very much as it was when I entered the den – everybody is still winding themselves up about Adobe‘s announcement for CS6, Stu is still obsessing over cameras many of us will never […]

Awful TV

With too much time too spare inbetween medical stuff, I find myself watching TV a bit more than usual. In particular I get to watch a few channels I haven’t had at home ever since I rid myself of my cable TV subscription. Now I certainly don’t care for all those soap operas, game shows […]

Sunday Freedom

It’s nice to be home, if only for a few hours. Looking forward to having a nice walk in the woods with my brother and spending some time with my parents before turning in again in the evening for some more poking needles into me fun tomorrow (or whatever they may have on their minds […]

Saturday Slowness

Being hospitalised is otherwise not that bad – you can lie in bed all day, get regular meals and if you have no examinations or treatments you are pretty much free to fill your time with whatever distractions, but in the end, it’s still a bit boring. Days get awfully long despite having dragged along […]


Yes, that’s my lungs and no, that’s not a creative use of Fractal Noise. That, my dears, is what your oxygen suction ducts can look like after not smoking a single cigarette all your life, not doing drugs, not drinking any alcohol and having way to little sexual intercourse to be worth mentioning. And yes, […]


These kind of multiple "same number" dates are always strange. People go crazy to get hitched on such days only to become victims of statistics and divorce after a few years, here in Germany it’s traditionally the start of street carnival season on 11/11 at 11.11 AM and software companies who think it makes a […]