Lonely as a Donkey

*Ssssh*, I’ve got a little secret! Strange as it may seem for a man approaching his 37th birthday in a few days, I must admit that I’m quite a fan of some Disney movies and in particular Winnie the Pooh. Now there’s certainly a slightly infantile streak in me which I won’t explain, but let me just say that it’s kind of a ritual to watch the Christmas and Halloween DVDs every year and me and my brother are still laughing our asses off at the naivety of the characters causing any kind of mishaps but always with the best intentions. One regular cause and similarly victim of these well-meant mishaps is of course Eeyore the donkey, who over the course of several movies and the TV series has lost his tail many times, including the latest movie from this year. I won’t get into too many details, so before I drift too far off and instead of repeating everything you probably could read the full review in German here. My two favorite characters always have been Piglet, the fearsome little pink one and the aforementioned chronically depressed, misanthropic donkey who spends most of the time on his own, not always by his choosing. Though, admittedly, there is a certain rough similarity, being somewhat socially inapt myself on occasion…

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