One of our German satirists once said “We Germans even build memorials for our defeats.” and once you start looking around, you really see a lot of them indeed. That wouldn’t be so bad if they had some artistic or aesthetical value, but also in typical German manner they don’t and their expression of mourning for the dead is carved into heavy stone and oversized architecture to make you as depressed today as people were when these memorials were first built 200, 150, 60 years ago after those big European wars of the respective eras. One of those monstrosities, the Völkerschlachtdenkmal in Leipzig (depicted below thanks to my colleague) is in fact only a few hundred meters away from my workplace and in fact I can even see it from 20 kilometers away here from home when I look out of my kitchen window. All these years I’ve been lucky enough to avoid having to build it as a 3D model, but now that I have to for a client project, its sheer ugliness springs even more to the eye.

I wonder if they might tear it down one of these days and replace it with a 30m Steve Jobs statue and a little Apple-branded church? Who knows?! Even posthumously his disciples pursue this strange cult and they might wanna have a place for their own spiritual needs, as misguided as they may be. At least to me people buying his black sweater to own a piece of his memory and look a bit like the man feels definitely a bit whacko… But I guess as long as there is a buck to make, the dead cannot rest.

In more relevant news and with a little more life in it, there’s an update to Freeform – that is the version that is bundled with After Effects CS5 and CS5.5, but sometimes sucks because it renders so slow. This update tries to improve upon the latter point at least, but at a price. And why does it not come free from Adobe? Only the gods know, but considering that the Cycore Effects, which have been bundled with the program since version 6.5, even today are limited to 8bpc or that similarly, Color Finesse is only included as a LE version that has limitations, one might simply assume that this is one of those licensing matters that normal people like you and me don’t understand and really don’t want to understand. And things like this certainly don’t put a streak of light on the horizon, either, or in other words: The mighty MPEG LA has even Adobe by the balls….

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