Banners banned!

It’s funny how once you have more than 3 visitors per day on your website you become prey for the advertising and marketing industry and how willingly they offer you to plaster your site with banners, text ads and what have you. Now I certainly could use the money, but let me once and for all clarify the rules.

  • I will not put up any banners or text ads on my site. People come here to read my opinions, news and perhaps download stuff, not to be lured to sites they would not visit otherwise.
  • I will not add any tracking code, strange cookies or whatever. This site respects the privacy and security of its visitors and I will not support tracking them just so anyone can send them advertising to their iPhone while they’re sitting on the loo. The only traces anyone will leave here is the info any web server records for technical reasons such as the sites you are coming from and your web access provider’s identification data.
  • I will not use external counter, advertising, tracking or single-sign-on APIs or providers such as Google or Facebook. Most of them are not in compliance with German privacy regulations and I’m not ready to put up with the legal mess this would entail nor the technical aspects of it.

Of course you can still support me in whatever way you fancy. One of them would be making a donation and you may even get some exclusive After Effects projects in return. Just the same vouchers for Amazon (Germany) or other online outlets are okay by me. Another form of support would be to hire me for work or consulting. On a more personal level, I’m of course a sucker for Cirque du Soleil shows and would enjoy free flights, hotel and tickets to see them… So many simple ways to make me happy!

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