Cloudy with a Chance of Adobe

With even kids possessing smart phones and annoying people on the way to work on the train at 6.30 in the morning with a constant flow of text messages, mail or Twitter notifications or swapping the latest awkward party pics on Facebook there’s definitely a not so small amount of data flowing at any given time that needs to go somewhere, ideally in a way it would be accessible everywhere again from every device. Until not so long ago that wasn’t possible until someone came up with The Cloud. When you ask, nobody really has any clue what this buzzword could possibly mean and can’t explain it to you, but everyone thinks it’s the future and wants people to send them their data so they can grab their end of the bargain. Either by providing apps, marketing advertising space, selling software and services or just do weird stuff with the users’ data. Inevitably Adobe were bound to hop on that bandwagon and so they did or will do – that’s pretty much the only thing we know at this point from a rather vague press release with the usual colorful but hollow phrases released in time with MAX. Could this have potential? Dunno. While I can envision people adjusting their phone or pad photos in some Photoshop or Lightroom like app just as much as editing recorded video in some lightweight Premiere, the mere mention of After Effects in the press statement kinda evokes this weird image of a cloud-ified net rendering or render monitoring app telling you that "After Effects has crashed.". And all that while you are having a drink in the evening! All you get out of it is a sleepless night because you will miss your deadline and are frustrated over it. At least not having that useless piece of info about something you couldn’t change, anyway, could have left you look more refreshed in the morning…. Brave new world, indeed! ;-)

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