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Express yourself!

Whether or not you can imagine a couple of everyday guys and girls doing pole dance moves on what we used to call "Schlampenstange" (bitch pole) to the Madonna song of same name I’ll leave up to your fantasy, but it’s undoubtedly a kind of dancing very few have truly mastered. That is also true […]

More Duck Sauce!

As reported a while ago, Wes Plate got sucked into the Adobe machine a while a go and is now a Product Marketing Manager. For sure, big companies aren’t short on fancy titles for positions, so I have no clue what he actually does and what it means, but I guess it’s the same thing […]

So what say You, Adobe-ites?

Things are boiling hot in the After Effects world today for a number of reasons. First, the late discovery of that MPEG licensing disaster I mentioned 2 weeks ago has made some more waves and as you could assume not ones of warm and fuzzy positive feelings. Now Adobe not allowing you your own personal […]

Dear John…

Probably half the world wrote more or less sincere notes on the demise of a certain CEO of a fruit and vegetables company or something like that, but things hit so much closer to home and are so much more difficult when someone is passing away who you actually know or at least consider a […]

So many Trees!

As I’m writing this, I’m sitting in a lovely small hotel in the Czech part of the Tatra mountain range. Not for holiday, though, traveling on business to once again collect CAD files for a 3D project for one of our clients. It’s quite lovely here with dense forests and endless trails to wander around. […]

Lytro? Not so?

You know, there’s marketing and then there’s marketing and sometimes even I, who considers himself mostly immune to the manipulative powers of advertising making you buy things you never thought you could even dream of, falls victim to it. One of those rare cases was/ is the Lytro camera, which promises to give us refocusable […]

To boldly gay, where no Gay has gone before…

Today is a good day, my friends! If we didn’t all already suspect that our favorite Vulcan has a pink streak in his green blood, today we can be sure: Spock is one of us! Yepp, Zachary Quinto obviously has come out of the closet. Oooh, I think I’m in love already! He’s such a […]