Duck Sauce!

Big Bad Wolf is just as odd a title for a song as is calling the producers behind it Ducksauce, but who might argue success? At least for me it always evokes memories of when I was regularly stomping the disco floor and indeed we were howling like wolves occasionally in all that frenzy and ecstasy. Another Duck-ling might feel equally excited and exhilarated today, as no doubt there can be many worse things than Adobe throwing a lump of money your way for using/ licensing/ integrating your technology. Of course I’m talking about Wes Plate of Automatic Duck Inc. who’s gonna help the big red A to further integrate all that project exchange stuff into their products, which is only consequent with half the world running on some XML dialect these days. I guess now it’s time to dig out that lanyard Wes gave me a few years ago at IBC and put it in safe storage somewhere. Not before long it could be a valuable memory of a time long gone…

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