Elementary, dear Watson!

One of the many not so endearing side effects of my illness is an almost constant feeling of exhaustion and recently I find myself tugging in to quite early on most days, that is throwing myself on my bed and dozing off occasionally before sometimes falling asleep for the night at 9 in the evening like a child. The positive thing I get out of it is that I’m revisiting my DVD collection a bit more and occasionally even find myself watching TV. This has been particularly the case those last 3 Sundays, where they ran the excellent BBC miniseries Sherlock. Oddly enough, while everyone considers Sherlock Holmes a literary classic, there very much isn’t really any good movie or TV series adaption of the original books/ novels out there. Instead, most of the better picture-ized Sherlock stories are in fact utterly not anchored in the classic lore and have a slight comedic touch (the ingenious Without a Clue with Ben Kingsley and Michael Caine, the equally funny German The Man who was Sherlock Holmes with Heinz Rühmann and Hans Albers as well as of course the Star Trek – The Next Generation episodes with Data) or take us back to the later famous detective’s youth (Spielberg‘s Young Sherlock Holmes). The series fits somewhat in both categories, as it presents us with a young, modern version of the man, but also doesn’t take itself too seriously most of the time. Of course that is not least achieved by the classic juxtaposition of the brilliant, yet slightly off-worldly Holmes (in the series he calls himself a highly functional sociopath at one point) and the more grounded, yet somewhat inapt and clumsy Watson which works every time. In addition to that the stories are also very well written, nicely acted out and edited tightly, so things never get boring. Also, which is rare these days, the German voiceover was actually good. The only regret is that with 3 episodes it’s really just a mini series for now and your hunger for more won’t be satisfied for a while, even if they are planning/ producing more episodes currently. Since those won’t air before next year most likely, even more so here on German TV, all the more reason to revisit this on DVD/ BluRay one of those days…

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