Marketing Chaff and Flare(s)

Marketing blurb of the day:

The new BCC 3D Lens Flare filter is hands-down the best lens flare on the market,” commented Steve Oakley, Practical Illusions and Media Productions. “Orienting the flare layer to the camera is a snap and the new caustic features allow you to create unique organic looks.”

It’s funny, how after years of nobody caring much and Knoll Light Factory very much dominating the market for "serious" lens flares, suddenly everybody seems to have entered the race for providing a new lens flares plug-ins to their customers just because Optical Flares gave them a bloody nose and showed them how to do it right (or at least better by a factor of 5). Unfortunately so far nobody of them has ever come even halfway close and so any such statements should be taken with a grain of salt just like that one. Of course I’m biased, as I’m deeply entrenched in developing lens flares currently, but as much as I want to like them – the examples on the Boris FX site are just your everyday sloppy "editor’s flare" with no grounding in physical reality nor do they actually look cool in a fictional way…

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