The curious Case of Newton

There are web sites and then there are web sites… Of course here on this shabby little outpost we do care a lot for After Effects, so there’s some news on it every week, even if only tangentially related. It so happens that we mentioned Newton a couple of times already a few weeks ago, so it’s slightly weird to me that suddenly everybody claims to report something new by announcing it a second time, including sites that usually are not particularly known for caring much about compositing and motion graphics. I guess there must be so little happening at the moment, everybody is grabbing on to the tiniest bit of news to fill their portal pages. And when you tack on the Dynamics tag, well, everybody seems to turn off their brains and consider it the second coming, which is fast bordering on utter ridiculousness – bad type design doesn’t get better by letting those letter tumble (physically correct or otherwise) just like ugly text doesn’t get more attractive by making it 3D. Anyway, if you’re halfway sure you can do decent type, but never had the opportunity to make it whirl and spin, now here’s your chance. On a site whose name we don’t mention here they are holding a little competition and a full version of Newton is one of the prizes among other things. Good luck to everyone joining the challenge!

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