Alien Flares?

I swear: When I’m done with this project, I’ll stop designing lens flares! ;-) Not that I mind the work, but since I often need to produce real flares and do a bit of research beforehand, I often end up in the slightly weirder places of the Internet. You wouldn’t wanna believe how many sites you can find that deal with UFOs and it’s on some level funny, but also slightly odd how some of them bend and twist simple facts to prove their existence. That not only applies to misinterpreting every lens flare ghost as a luminous alien ship hull but also to interpreting shapes in aerial photographs (look up "B-57 UFO" on a web search and see how a simple oblong lake with a few trees around it magically transforms into a flying saucer) to every cloud shadow being labeled in the same way. I guess it’s a matter of "I want to believe!" like in the X-Files. During my investigation I also came across those sites that still try to prove that 9/11 was a government conspiracy and it’s sad to see how they, too, choose to ignore simple technical facts like a DigiBeta camera operating interlaced and thus of course producing ghost edges to craft their own "evidence"…

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