In Print!

Whoa, who’d thought I’d see the day? Yepp, friends, I actually made it in a book or more to the point I crafted some bonus content for the DVD that comes with it as evidenced by the scan.

Of course I’m not alone in there, but none of the other males are as handsome and attractive with the exception of Peder Norrby perhaps. Yepp, I’m hot, not just because it’s 34 degrees C in the shade, but I guess a shot of my perfectly toned body in undies would be too much too handle for everyone and only cause mass fainting, so you’ll have to do without it for now… *lol* The book is called Plug-In to After Effects and was written by Michele Yamazaki. It should at this time be available in most parts of the world. Mine came directly fresh from across the pond and was opened by customs for inspection, but then again that’s perfectly understandable with the packaging having that silver foil cushion that can be molded like certain conspicuous substances. The thing with books is that by the time they go to press, parts of it may already be not quite up to date, so in case you are looking for more info on plug-ins for After Effects, have a look at my plug-in guide and of course make all those vendors happy by actually buying their tools rather than using pirated copies.

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