OBJ served hot

Everybody just loves the Trapcode plug-ins and so it’s always high times when an update or a new plug-in comes out. Form 2 is no exception and as expected, it doesn’t disappoint. Not only has it inherited the rendering options we have so come to love in Particular 2 with shading and light falloff, but also of course some new features. Most people will of course jump at the OBJ model import which allows you to use static meshes or mesh sequences as sources that define your point positions. The funny thing is that I’m sure I’m gonna use it some day, I just have not yet any idea when and what. I guess as a Cinema 4D user I’m spoiled by MoGraph and would not bother exporting such stuff when I can do it in the program right away. On the other hand it’s of course equally strange how much time I spend in After Effects exploring 3D-ish techniques. It so happens that I have tons of projects doing weird things with Card Dance and since Form now also supports rotation maps, this might be a good time to convert some of them. In any case, I’m dabbling with some of that stuff now and you can expect some of it to pop up on the download pages soon enough.

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