All’s well that ends well?

If you remember, pretty much one year ago I wrote about the ongoing trepidations of a certain Larry Schultz trying to survive in the pretty country of New Zealand or more to the point their immigration bureaucracy and health system. Little did I know that a few months down the road I would be caught up in the web of our own health system and endless doctor appointments myself. On some level I understand it all too well, as keeping it all straight while still working and trying to pay the rent is sometimes a major act of will and organizational skills. When you spend 3 days in a row in such places, you don’t get much done even at home. Still, compared to Larry I have it easy of course – I never had to worry about residency status and while our public health system may be cracking at the seams, at least you don’t have to worry about your condition getting worse because you can’t afford the most basic medication and they also didn’t put some weird Borg implants into me to hook me up to some machine… Anyway, it would appear that at least for a while things will get calmer for Mr. Schultz and he can equally enjoy the benefits of a health system that’s financed by a community and spreads the burden across many shoulders. Hope he gets better now, though probably that current situation with Lightwave will depress him a bit still…

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