Voluptuous Flares!

While it’s otherwise just a normal Saturday morning – listening to the only decent radio station on the planet, BBC Radio 1, and catching up on last night’s Annie Mac show, dabbling with my graphics programs, recharging my pill box for the week and a few household chores – it is brightened in a very literal way by some nerd stuff on lens flares thanks to Stu Maschwitz’ blog. I’ve always been slightly obsessed with flares myself, from my old tutorial at creativeCOW and creating some projects trying to do it all with just vanilla After Effects to creating presets for Optical Flares, so I certainly know how difficult it is to make them look real. In particular the caustics and abberation/ dispersion are extremely tricky to mimic using conventional means and no current lens flare plug-in actually tries to simulate them properly. Would be interesting to see this in a commercial tool one day…

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