Shifty Shapes

Despite my remaining skepticism towards hardware acceleration, oddly enough I’m helping developers make their OpenGL– or CUDA-driven plug-ins work all the time. Well, at least I’m doing my part which is probably more than some people can say. My life would probably have been a lot calmer without some of the nerve-fraying experiences in recent months, but then I guess my nerd genes are still too strong and in a twisted, almost perverse sense I’m still enjoying it on some level. And when it works, it can actually even be fun! One of these little strange creatures is Shapeshifter, a cousin to FreeForm Pro and it is officially released. As you already know, I was involved in testing it, so I’ll spare you the biased promotional speech and directly point you to my download section where I, as promised a few days ago, have posted the projects used in the demo clips. Enjoy them!

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